RTG has extensive experience in the development of seabed sampling systems. Giant Piston corers, Gravity corers, Box corers, LARS for Cone penetration testing, HPT and other bespoke systems.

RTG has developed solutions to overcome many of the problems associated with geotechnical surveys of the seabed. RTG has solutions that extend the life / minimise the damage risk occurring during the coring process whilst the corer is fixed to the sea bed, and the core sample is being extracted. Under these conditions damage may occur the main lift cable / umbilical if a suitable solutions is not selected. RTG provides cost effective solution, that enhances operational safety and reliability.
When a tool is captive subsea, in the seabed, connected via a cable or umbilical to a moving vessel, the risk exists that equipment maybe lost or stuck under water. Such a situation can gives rise to a broken umbilical or cable, project down time and expensive intervention to recover the tool. RTG has developed a solution, proven in the field, and while in operation with a leading operator, set a working depth record of 3000m for a CPT sampling system.