Sonar Electric

5Te - 5500m Datasheet

Weight without cable 6200 Kg
Cable diameter 17.3 mm
Capacity 5500 m
Line speed - First Layer 45 m/min
Line speed - Top Layer 76 m/min
WLL - First Layer 5657 Kg
WLL - Top Layer 3360 Kg
Brake Minimum 1.5 WLL - First Layer 10498 Kg
Brake Minimum 1.5 WLL - Top Layer 6236 Kg
Supply Required 380-440V-3 Ph- 50/60 Hz
Level Wind Electrical Motor 45 Kw IP56 IE3
Level Wind Electrical Motor 0.75 Kw IP56 IE3
Level wind Electrically automatic pulse driven level wind with manual adjustment
Dimensions (LxWxH)
3120 x 2400 x 2448 mm
3120 x 2400 mm
Slip ring Designed to accept Trolex TX4847 or similar not within scope of supply
Cable Lead-off Angle +/-15° Horizontal plane Min -10° Max + 20° Vertical plane
Frame details Crash frame with guards, fork lifting pockets and certified lifting lugs
Winch drum dimensions Drum core Ø 720 mm, Drum Length 1910 mm, Flange Ø 1360 mm
Drum details Spiral groove drum; the wire is stored in 17 lays with 125 turns per lay
Cable 17.3 mm Coax 45 Ohm B.S.17.8 Te Spec 1SSA6 NOVACAVI
Overboard Sheave WLL 5Te with 12Te wireless load shackle

Principle of Operation:

The winch barrel is mounted on an externally toothed slewing bearing. The bearing is driven by a pinon mounted on the output shaft of a SEW Electric Geared Motor fitted with a failsafe brake unit. The brake, being failsafe, always defaults to on should, for any reason, electrical supply is lost the brake will automatically be applied.

The Level wind electrically driven from the 0.75 kW SEW Electric gearmotor. The level wind is PLC controlled, is automatic with a manual override. The Level wind can be adjusted to accept a variety of cable diameters if required.

Speed control is continuously variable in increments of less than 0.05 m/s via the proportional joystick and a HMI displays Line Speed, Line Load, Line Out and Line In.


The winch is supplied with the following:

1 Set - sacrificial steel feet/mounting plates for mounting at ship 1 Set - Master Links and Shackles or a 4 leg lifting sling and shackles Canvas Cover for transport and storage
Marine grade paint system (Details can be supplied on application) 12 Month Warranty Operation and Maintenance Manual in Electronic Format

Optional extras: - please note these are not in the scope of supply but can be offered at extra cost.

1 Off – Slip Ring details to be supplied with order 1 Off – Full Spares Kit 1 Set – Spare sacrificial feet/mounting plates
1 Off – Extended Warranty 1 Off – Spare Programmed SD Card for level wind control Remote Control wired or wireless
1 Off – Winch running flashing lights and/or Klaxon 1 Off – Laptop c/w software and leads for on-site fault diagnosis